With our use of Digital Media platforms, we hope to offer our clients the best expansion possibilities as we would be spread across the South and Southern African region.

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With strategic placement that ensures a minimum of 28 000 eyes daily, and over 840 000 views per month, you may be closer to realizing your brand vision than you think.

Jaguar Movements.

We have launched our latest state-of-the art digital rotating billboard in Port Elizabeth Sixth Avenue Walmer Corner Huege Road at Sharwoods Supa Quick, and will be rolling out this innovative platform to numerous other sites around the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro at Sharwood’s sites in the months to come.

Advertisers seeking busy routes

The unique design ensures that the billboard is optimised to traffic flow in order to achieve increased impacts and visibility.The unique design ensures that the billboard is optimised to traffic flow in order to achieve increased impacts and visibility.

Digital Outdoor Out Of Home 

Best ROI

 Our Screens ability to rotate ensures visibility of advertising messaging to motorists and commuters during both morning and afternoon peak hour traffic patterns.


The Recent News

5 rules of effective billboard design and advertising

Roadside billboards have been around for over a century. And in the car-loving USA, billboard advertising is still an impo.

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We are a media company specializing in digital outdoor advertising in form of poster LED screens (OOH/DOOH) as we intend to innovative marketing strategies solutions to boost brand visibility.  As we aim to create a non-traditional marketing platform for all types of companies to do business and our business is all packaged to inspire confidence in our client’s products & service offerings.

Building relationships between audiences and brands is a core strength of out-of-home advertising. From offering interaction to delighting consumers with creative and entertaining campaigns, Jaguar Movements ensures memorable brand impressions for urban audiences.   This amazing new DOOH platform offers the best possible alignment and integration opportunities with the ever-increasing use of social and other digital media platforms, a reality where artwork can be used across multiple platforms in South Africa & Africa as it offers the largest geographical foot print.

Exciting additional new footprints for more DOOH opportunities are under development and will be implemented in 2018 with infinite flexibility and creative options in terms of Petrol Service Stations, Auto Fitments & Tyre plus & Car Services forecourts.  Being wholly black owned means we’re a step closer to our vision of ‘African communications.

Targetability Advantages

Yor brand will have the following advantages

  • Specific locations and environments offer strategic relevance.
  • Geo-targeting reduces wastage.
  • GRP & demographic R&F measurement.
  • Maintains a Brand’s top-of-mind awareness.
  • Day part placements on Digital platforms.
  • Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly & Monthly site rotations to increase reach.
  • Exposure closer to point of purchase can influence buying decisions

Media Performance advantages

What kind of awareness do you get

  • Increase campaign performance with Reach & Frequency
  • Increase awareness and residual noting of campaigns
  • Growing campaigns efficiencies ROI results
  • Different formats lend themselves to different objectives, for example:    Classic vs Digital, Awareness vs Engagement Some formats can facilitate engagement opportunities.
  • Drives mobile search.
  • Extends the life of a campaign – “always on

What we can do best.

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.